Relax, have fun, be spontaneous and get lost in each other and in the moment.

About Me

Las Vegas, NV Wedding Photographer


Jim Swinson

Hi there, I’m Jim Swinson. I offer wedding photography in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve got over 5 years of experience as a wedding photographer and over 8 years of experience as a wedding cinematographer.

My style as a wedding photographer is to capture images that are candid, creative and beautiful but most of all timeless. I will never interfere at all with the flow of your wedding day because I want every image I take to be a true representation of not only what happened on your wedding day, but what it actually looked like on your wedding day. I want you to look at your beautiful photographs 20,30 even 40 years from now and remember exactly the way your wedding day looked and the way it felt. Simply, I want your photographs to be timeless.

I will encourage you to forget about the cameras and relax, have fun, be spontaneous and get lost in each other and lost in the moment. If you can do this, your pictures will turn out amazing.

Please take a look at my work and If you love what you see, contact me for availability and to set up a no obligation consolation over the phone or in person. I can’t wait to meet you!


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